Union Medals, Awards & Prizes

AGU recognizes the contributions of individuals, groups and teams through its multifaceted Union Awards, Medals and Prizes program. The scope of many of these recognitions are relevant to VGP members, including the William Bowie Medal, the Harry H. Hess Medal, the Walter H. Bucher Medal, the Maurice Ewing Medal, the Edward A. Flinn III Award and of course the James B. Macelwane Medal.

The Macelwane Medal is a Union award, established in 1961 and renamed in 1986 in honor of James B. Macelwane. This medal recognizes significant contributions to the geophysical sciences by an outstanding young scientist (no more than 10 years beyond receiving their Ph.D. or highest equivalent terminal degree achieved on 1 January of the year of presentation).

Deadline: every March 15 of the year of the award
Procedure: Submit nominations electronically here

Nomination criteria and requirements are here

VGP Macelwane Medal Committee (encourages nominations for the Macelwane Medal)
VGP Union Awards Committee (encourages nominations for all Union Awards, Medals & Prizes except the Macelwane Medal)

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