Executive Committee

The responsibility of the executive committee is to conduct section business and to set policies. Communication takes place by email, and the committee meets in person at the Fall AGU meeting.

Name Position Affiliation E-mail
Catherine McCammon President University of Bayreuth Catherine.McCammon@uni-bayreuth.de
Catherine Chauvel President-Elect & Meetings Chair CNRS, University of Grenoble catherine.chauvel@ujf-grenoble.fr
Steve Sparks Past President & Nominations Chair Bristol University steve.sparks@bristol.ac.uk
Don Baker Secretary (VP) McGill University don.baker@mcgill.ca
Vickie Bennett Secretary (G) Australian National University Vickie.Bennett@anu.edu.au
Esther Posner Student Representative University of Bayreuth Esther.Posner@uni-bayreuth.de
Karen Harpp Education and Outreach Chair Colgate University kharpp@colgate.edu
Tyrone Rooney Student Awards Chair Michigan State University rooneyt@msu.edu
Hans Keppler Fellows Chair University of Bayreuth Hans.Keppler@uni-bayreuth.de
Roberta Rudnick Union Awards Chair University of Maryland rudnick@umd.edu
Kathy Cashman Macelwane Medal Chair University of Oregon cashman@uoregon.edu
Bill McDonough Bowen Award Chair University of Maryland mcdonoug@umd.edu
Cin-Ty Lee Kuno Award Chair Rice University ctlee@rice.edu
Lora Armstrong VGP Representative to EOS University of Minnesota, Minneapolis larmstro@umn.edu
Attila Kilinc VGP Press Officer University of Cincinnati attila.kilinc@uc.edu
Sarah Fagents VGP Newsletter Editor University of Hawaii fagents@higp.hawaii.edu
Heather Wright VGP Webmaster USGS hwright@usgs.gov