A VGP Alphabet Part 1

A VGP Alphabet Part 1

by Catherine McCammon, outgoing VGP president


A is for the Abstract submission deadline, and who can forget 2014 (http://fromtheprow.agu.org/blog/72-hours-life-agu-fall-meeting-good-bad-ugly/)

B is for the Bowen award, which will be conferred for the 50th time in 2015 or 2016 (https://vgp.agu.org/awards/bowen-award/)

C is for Catherine, a good name for getting elected (https://vgp.agu.org/about/officers/)

D is for the Daly Lecture, an annual fixture since 1989 (https://vgp.agu.org/awards/daly-lecture/)

E is for Education and outreach, a vibrant part of the VGP scene (https://vgp.agu.org/resources/educators/)

F is for Facebook, a languishing member of the VGP social media family (https://www.facebook.com/AGUvgp)

G is for G-cubed, an electronic journal of AGU and the Geochemical Society conceived by six scientists, all of whom are VGP members (http://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/agu/journal/10.1002/(ISSN)1525-2027/)

H is for the Homepage of the VGP website, the place to go for all VGP-related info (https://vgp.agu.org/)

I is for Island Volcanos, the most recent topic in VGP spotlight feature articles (https://vgp.agu.org/resources/vgp-spotlight-features/)

J is for the Joint Assembly, next year in the capable hands of our Canadian VGP secretary who is both VGP program chair and AGU program co-chair (http://ja.agu.org/2015/)

K is for the Kuno award, VGP’s early career award to be conferred for the 8th time at the upcoming Fall Meeting (https://vgp.agu.org/awards/kuno-award/)

L is for Lectures given by VGP award recipients, including the Kuno Lecture whose current home is the General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (http://www.egu.eu/)

M is for all of the VGP Members, because VGP *is* its members