Section Officers (January 1, 2019 – January 1, 2020)

Michael Manga

Department of Earth and Planetary Science
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-4767 USA
Phone: +1  510-643-8532
Fax: +1 510-643-9980
Email: manga@seismo.berkeley.edu


Dominique Weis

University of British Columbia
Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
Faculty of Science
2020 – 2207 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z4
Phone: +1 604-822-1697
Email: dweis@eos.ubc.ca

Secretary – Volcanology/Petrology


Christy Till

Arizona State University
School of Earth and Space Exploration ISTB4
Phone: +1480-727-2828
Email: Christy.Till@asu.edu
Secretary – Geochemistry
Matthew Jackson
Department of Earth Science
UC Santa Barbara
1006 Webb Hall, rm 2012
Santa Barbara, CA  93106-9630
Fax: (805) 893-2314
Email: jackson@geol.ucsb.edu

Past Section Officers
*leadership term changed from starting on July 1 to starting on January 1 of the following year

Year(s) President President-Elect Secretary(ies)
2017-19 Michael Manga Dominique Weis Christy Till / Matthew Jackson
2015-17 Catherine Chauvel William (Bill) F. McDonough Amanda Clarke / Cin-Ty Lee
2013-15 Catherine McCammon Catherine Chauvel Don Baker / Vickie Bennett
*2012 Steve Sparks Catherine McCammon Julia Hammer / Matt Kohn
2010-12 Steve Sparks Catherine McCammon Anita Grunder / Matt Kohn
2008-10 Alex Halliday Steve Sparks Paul Wallace / Janne Blichert-Toft
2006-08 Bernard Wood Alex Halliday Terry Plank / Craig Manning
2004-06 Charlie Bacon Bernard Wood James Brenan
2002-04 Kathy Cashman Charlie Bacon Marc Hirshmann
2000-02 Frederick A. Frey Kathy Cashman Don Dingwell
1998-00 Timothy L. Grove Frederick A. Frey Mary Reid
1996-98 Jean-Guy E. Schilling Timothy L. Grove Joaquin Ruiz
1994-96 Gilbert N. Hanson Jean-Guy E. Schilling Frank J. Spera
1992-94 Stearns A. Morse Gilbert N. Hanson Katharine V. Cashman
1990-92 Bruce D. Marsh Stearns A. Morse William R. Van Schmus
1988-90 Robert R. Clayton Bruce D. Marsh Timothy L. Grove
1986-88 Robin Brett Robert R. Clayton Donald J. DePaolo
1984-86 G. Brent Dalrymple Robin Brett Bruce D. Marsh
1982-84 Joseph V. Smith G. Brent Dalrymple Peter W. Lipman
1980-82 Wallace S. Broecker Joseph V. Smith G. Brent Dalrymple
1978-80 Edwin Roedder Wallace S. Broecker Gilbert N. Hanson
1976-78 Dallas L. Peck Erwin Roedder M. Charles Gilbert
1974-76 W.G. Ernst Dallas L. Peck Richard L. Armstrong
1972-74 Paul Gast W.G. Ernst A.E. Bence