Mineralogical Society of America Short Course: High-Temperature Gas-Solid Reactions in Earth and Planetary Processes, August 10-12, 2018. Boston University, Boston MA USA.

Gas mixtures play a crucial role in distributing elements between different parts of Earth and planet-forming systems (e.g., Venus, early Mars, and moons of Earth, Jupiter and Saturn). Despite the fundamental role of gases in geochemical cycles, there are few reviews on this topic.  This Short Course will review how gas-solid reactions influence magmatic systems including the subsurface where gas has an important role in the transport and deposition of metals producing ore deposits. Researchers will review our knowledge of gas reactions in volcanic eruptions and the consequences for geochemical cycling throughout planetary systems. A review of essential analytical techniques is included because the products of gas-solid reactions are commonly metastable or form thin films that are difficult to analyse.  Finally, the Short Course will review experimental and theoretical approaches to monitoring gas-solid reactions, drawing upon engineering studies.  We anticipate that graduate students, researchers and geoscientists will have an interest in this Short Course due to its relevance in understanding of magmatic systems, economic and planetary geology, and industrial processes.

The Short Course is accompanied by a Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry Volume 84, edited by Penny King (Australian National Univ), Terry Seward (Victoria Univ of Wellington, NZ) and Bruce Fegley (Washington Univ, USA).

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